The Real Accident

The accident isn’t slipping in the bathroom & breaking a bone, THE REAL ACCIDENT is all those years of not gaining weight. Of not gaining metabolic weight. Of not gaining Bone Mineral Density. It’s the stuff that adds life to your skin & posture. It’s the stuff that makes you look toned and sexy. It’s the stuff that boosts your growth hormones & sex appeal. It’s the stuff that starts and declines/ stabilises cortisol and insulin at their right time. It’s the stuff that keeps you in one piece and whole when you have taken a fall in the bathroom, when someone tried to walk over your self esteem & when someone broke your heart. It’s the stuff that makes you look tall and tough, a head turner when you enter the party. 💪🏻☀️🔥

Women post 30 years think they gain weight, and this is because it’s almost 4 kilos of muscle that is being wasted, broken down every 10 years.

How you can optimise BMD:

1) Anaerobic Workouts: Whenever you see yourself gasping for breath, it’s Aerobic and whenever you burn your muscles it’s Anaerobic. This is where your body will break down carbs to efficiently utilise it by your working muscle group. Insulin sensitivity & Muscle Hypertrophy initiates a healthy BMD.

2) Sitting in one place for too long: This makes you lethargic & stiff leading to a shorter range of movement during workout. You need to get up after every 30mins. Stand, progress to movement, progress to stretching. Try Sukhasana for Sitting durations.

3) Stop Soup Salad Dinners: Lack of BCAA at dinner gives you a muscle wasting effect during sleep. To optimise your metabolically active tissue (muscle mass), you need to consume BCAA at dinner for a muscle sparing effect. Rice or Roti with Dal or Chicken at Dinner; Corn & Moong Chaat in the evening snack; Cashew in a glass of milk at bedtime are few options that can help you achieve the needed BCAAs. #BoneMineralDensity