A Good Night’s sleep is all you want

Sleep as we know it differently, is rather a highly active time.

Your body’s WIP is on peak when you are sleeping! It boosts:
☀️Cell Repair
🧠Learning and Memory
🤲🏻Growth Hormone in Children

Stage wise breakdown:

Stage1 is N1, NREM: Transitioning from wakefulness to sleep.

Stage2 is N2, NREM: Called as the Stock of the Sleep Soup, because all sleep stages float in this and it’s very nutritious by itself. (This is usually the Nap stage, since it’s easily accessible + gives great alertness)

Stage3 is N3, NREM (combined N3, N4 lately) – Gives you deep rest, the reason why you wake up fresh and happy the next day. Muscles, heart rate, blood pressure are relaxed to a safe low. Recovery mode. Fat burning.

Stage5 is REM cycle: Final stage, super for Memory & Perceptual Skills. It’s where Dreaming & Vivid Imagery exist.

All the 5 stages are sequenced and occur various times through the night, all essential.

Hours to not miss: 11pm to 3am.

Pro-Tip: Snoozing your alarm constantly pulls you back into wakefulness and the sequence breaks. So get up in a shot. 💫